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This website is now obsolete because of being extinguished by horrible wikispaces. Please go to http://edbodmer.com for a much improved website.

A Bunch of Financial Models, Excel Utilities, Video References, Discussion of Finance Theory and Cases
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he files below have been recently revised and improved; other recently added files are at the bottom of the page. Not many people try these files, but out of the thousands of files on the site they may be the best. You can read pdf files to excel and create waterfall graphs in seconds and use a bunch of helpful macros.

The idea of this website is not to only describe how the build a basic project finance, or merger model. There are also a lot of advanced concepts related to both finance theory and modelling techniques that I think are different from the standard way of thinking. My hope is that some of the ideas will make you think about innovative financial analysis techniques and the associated modelling. You can find a bunch of sample models and links to videos by clicking on the little pictures below. Each of links that are associated with the pictures has excel files and associated videos that explain the various concepts. You can also get access to lesson sets and instructions of how to avoid many inaccurate and biased investment analysis techniques that have become far too ingrained in financial analysis. If you are beginning analysis in project or corporate finance analysis, I suggest that you start at the top left pictures below and try some of the exercises that are labelled A-Z. I support this website by providing in-person courses which I am trying to promote. I have also re-structured on-line lessons are that are free (I have been told that if I somehow charged money for the courses you would think they are more valuable which is, I hope, complete rubbish). But if you have completed lesson sets and you want me to verify and prove to the whole world (including your boss) that you really are a good modeller I will do this for a modest fee. You will then be registered as a modelling expert on a special page of this website which I am sure will result in a promotion or a new job. You can see how this and other products work by clicking on the adjacent page named "Products and Services."