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Execl Utilities and Documentation

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Generic Macros and Functions to Import

Download Excel Utilities and Documenation of Excel Techniques

The fm.xls file is a file that I have created which includes a whole lot of macros that do various things ranging from making a table of contents to fixing the problems with data tables in excel

Sometimes, companies that overdo the paranoia about protection and I have found some problems in opening and running the fm file. To address this issue I have separated the fm file in various components such as the table of contents, the data tables, the functions and other items. If you are having trouble with the fm file go to the fm components page and try the various components. For using the fm.xls file and other useful excel techniques, there are video instructions. To use the video instructions, select the item, watch the short video and listen to my irritating voice.

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List of Short-cut Keys including Apple Short-cuts

Download File that Includes Translations for Various Excel Functions

This file contains a list of functions in differnt languages. For example the average function in english is listed as MOYENNE in french. This file is useful if your computer is not in english and you are reading about excel in english or attending a course where the excel is in english. (The 2007 version of excel allows you to change languages meaning that this may be most useful for excel 2003 and earlier versions.)

The file below was created by Sergev from Moskow

Video Instructions for FM.xls file and Other Excel Techniques

Video Instructions for Adding Data Tables
Video Instructions for Including Payback, Volatility, Interpolate and Other Functions to Models
Video Instructions for Adding Table of Contents and Input Colours to Models
Goal Seek Macro Video
Solver Video
Solver Macro Video

File for adding flexible data tables to a model that allow macros and inputs from different sheets. Add all of the macros from this sheet into a financial model and then you can run the flexible data tables.

Video Instructions for Adding Multiple Data Tables to a File