Slides, Case Studies and Reference Materials

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This page includes some of my project finance, corporate and energy analysis slides that I use for various courses. I generally spend more time on financial models to demonstrate concepts and flip charts to discuss concepts. I have make power point slides for financial modelling and energy, but many of the presentations do not follow the FAST religion. Specifically, the slides do not S--structuring concepts and sometime the concepts are not presented in a transparent method. Also if the A means appropriate, sometimes the slides have too much detail. But now I am trying to put together more structured slides. To practice I have recorded videos associated with the slides.

Project Finance Lecture:

The videos below describe the power point slides that I use for an overview of project finance. I start with risk analysis and suggest that a few famous and old case studies can give a good background on different types of risks in projects. Then I move to debt structuring and discuss various issues in the sizing, funding, repayment, interest rates and credit protections. For both the risk case studies and the structuring, you can find much more detail in other places on the website.

Corporate Finance Lecture:

Financial Statement Analysis and Report Writing

IPP Slides and Case Studies

Electricity Pricing Slides

Valuation Slides and Appendix Materials

PF Energy Case Studies

Renewable Energy Slides and Case Studies

M&A Slides and Case Studies

Excel Modelling Slides